We started this company with one common goal; Redesign the face of the internet... One website at a time.

We've all been to websites that look great in one browser, but not another. Or have so much clutter you can't find any of the information you're looking for. We believe that the web can be easier than that. We believe that with you as our partner, we can do just about anything.

Increased profits and visibility. New target audiences, and content that caters to them. These are just some of the things that we hope you want, just as badly as we want them for you. Working together, we can create an online presence that rivals those of large-scale web development teams, at a fraction of the price.

We are small, multi-talented group of designers and developers whom, we think, fit very nicely together. We are always looking for new, innovative ideas and technologies to help make websites like yours really shine and while all of us here at Web Diligence have an education in IT, we are constantly updating and upgrading our knowledge and practical skills to stay on the cutting edge of web design and development.